DOD Consulting

BAM provides consulting services exclusively comprised of retired US Army and US Air Force Acquisitions and Operational Professionals. Our purpose is to provide professional consulting and, set the conditions for companies seeking to conduct business with the Department of Defense (DoD). BAM’s niche is their knowledge of DoD Acquisitions/Requirements and their ability to work with industry to build comprehensive acquisition strategies designed to navigate products and services through the myriad of federal rules and regulations.

Our expertise includes:

  • Requirements development, we work with TRADOC to identify requirements, assess the need of the requirement, validate the gap of the current requirement, additionally we provide companies with guidance and insight into the JCIDS Process
  • Acquisition Strategies (DoD 5000): Develop strategies that transition products and services through the DoD 5000 process and into the hands of our warfighters
  • Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E): Introduce clients and their products to key personnel and agencies within RDT&E, develop strategies to transition products through the RDT&E process and into the hands of the required Program Managers
  • Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR): Expertise in contracts, contracts development and contract support requirements
  • Increasing product awareness through targeted marketing within the Department of Defense

BAM employees have worked with many companies to successfully position their solutions within the military introducing new technologies and increasing sales and product awareness.

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