Bullet Catcher (Available for Sale in Q3 2016)

Designed for use in firing ranges, the system doesn’t allow for the rebound of bullets’ and fragments. The Bullet Catcher ensures the complete pulverization bullets entering into in from any angel of impact and any distance.

The ecological self-cleaning Bullet Catcher is imperforated and is used for shooting training in closed and open areas, where real fires are used by eliminating the dangers of bullet’s rebound. The remaining of each bullet entering the frame is self-cleaned and gathered at the bottom of the frame.

Body Armor

The Body Armor can be worn either covertly or overtly and allows for unrestricted movement while ensuing superior protection.

Features include:

  • Does not use KEVLAR or ceramics providing for a longer product life
  • Protects against projectiles fired at close range like 40 s&w FMJ, 22 LR, .38 ACP, .45 ACP, 9mm, .357 Magnum, .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, 12 ga. Shotgun
  • Protects against rifle projectiles up to 7.62 mm fired from a distance over 10m (32.8 ft) (according to “SAPI MIL-SPEC”)


Programmable LNA Gain Amplifier, Bias-T Quad Band LNB Controller with Optional Precision 10 MHz Oscillator

This rugged integrated module was specifically designed for use with SATCOM terminal LNB. The module provides DC power, precision 10 MHz reference oscillator with fine tuning control, amplification and control signals for quad or single band LNB via a single ‘IF’ interface. The precision oscillator provides the stability required for Satellite beacon tracking over full environmental operation from -40 to +75º Celsius. The low phase noise of the precision oscillator ensures the integrity of the modulation waveforms is maintained. Support for the DiSEqCTM communication standard. Bias-T also includes current limiting with current output up to 500 mA at 13/14 or 18/19V DC.

XM Spartan (In development)

BAM has partnered with Tie Down Engineering located in Atlanta Georgia to develop the XM Spartan.

The XM Spartan is a 2-person, lightweight, highly mobile, tracked vehicle equipped with an Adaptive Modular Weapons System (AMWS) and a Modular Protective Capsule (MPC) capable of operating across the full spectrum of operations as a dispersed but networked enabled force (Swarm Tactics) to fight and win tomorrow’s battles. The Spartan provides a glide path to transition to a fully networked autonomous platform.