BAM International, LLC Provides Logistical Services in Liberia in Support of Operation United Assistance

Since September of 2014, BAM has provided and continues to provide logistics services in support of Operation United Assistance as a sub-contractor to Crowley Maritime Corporation. BAM has provided warehousing, stevedoring, transportation and logistics services in Liberia first to the UA Governments Defense Logistics Agency and currently to the US Army

BAM has hired and managed a support staff of more than hundred people leasing 4 warehouses with a total storage capacity of 126,000 square feet. Warehouses serve as the storage hubs for building infrastructure including hospitals and providing staple items required for US Military forces to carry out its mission.

BAM has also completed over 5,500 line hauls delivering cargo where required to some destinations so remote that round trip transportation takes up to 1 week.

During the period, BAM / Crowley have received a Commendable rating from US Army (95% or above) for its performance requirement assessment with a perfect record of delivery without injury.