Stephen Tegge (MAJ, USA Retired) - Vice President

Upon the retirement of Major Stephen Tegge’s 20 years of active military service in the United States Army and Marine Corps, Stephen joined forces with BAM International, LLC as the Vice President of PM13 Consulting.

Stephen’s distinguished service in includes: tours in the first Gulf War as a Marine, tours in Afghanistan as an Airborne Infantry Rifle Platoon Leader and Executive Officer (XO) and in Iraq as an Infantry Company Commander.

While in Afghanistan, Steve served as a Platoon Leader and Company XO conducting combat operations as well as managing several Commander’s Emergency Relief Program (CERP) projects to improve relations with the local populace. Steve’s exemplary performance as a combat leader was mirrored through his work as a humanitarian where with less than a $1-Million-dollar budget he influenced the hearts and minds of hundreds of Afghan Nationals through the construction of wells, schools and irrigation systems, and by providing the necessary law-enforcement equipment, and generators in an effort to improve lives and gain the cooperation with remote communities under the yoke of the Taliban throughout the Khost Bowl in Eastern Afghanistan. During his tour in Iraq, he led an infantry company through countless combat missions, he was responsible for millions of dollars in armored vehicles and combat equipment and the lives and welfare of 120 Soldiers.

When not leading soldiers in combat Stephen was stationed at Fort Benning as an instructor at the Army’s premier doctrine and planning school. In an effort to better understand and influence the Army acquisitions, Stephen applied for and was accepted into the Army Acquisitions Corp.

In Major Tegge’s final years in the military he was assigned to Warren MI where he assumed responsibility as Assistant Program Manager for the Army’s largest Ground Vehicle Program, Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV), Steve was personally responsible for the development and approval of the requirements for this multi-billion-dollar program. To accomplish this mission Steve assembled and managed a nation-wide cross-organizational team and devised a unique system to analyze requirements to drive forecasted long-term cost savings in excess of a billion dollars.

Following his work on GCV Stephen was selected to serve as a Special Project Manager at the Army’s primary vehicle R&D organization, the Tank and Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC). Here Stephen managed multiple projects, building and managing cross-functional teams to solve multiple problems and leading a rapid innovation project to bring change to the requirements on the Army’s Future Fighting Vehicle (FFV) program.

In addition to his military education in infantry and acquisition, Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northern Michigan University and a Master’s of Science in Management from Walsh College.