Operation United Assistance

The U.S. Africa Command, through U.S. Army Africa, provides coordination of logistics, training, and engineering support to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in West Africa to assist in the overall U.S. Government Foreign Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief efforts to contain the spread of the Ebola Virus/Disease, as part of the international assistance effort supporting the Governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

BAM is a turnkey prime sub-contractor to Crowley Maritime for all Liberian logistics and operation support for Operation United Assistance. BAM leased and managed 4 warehouses in Monrovia, Liberia with over 126,000 square feet of storage. BAM leases and operates a 23 acre fenced container yard/ cross docking facility / warehouse / military housing adjacent to the Buchanan International Seaport. We employed 125 people in country to manage and facilitate the movement of cargo among the numerous strategic locations. BAM has a contracted a fleet of vehicles which can be used on an “as needed” basis to perform line hauls or hired by the month. To date, BAM has completed over 4,000 line hauls trucks in Liberia.

BAM has been able to successfully manage the logistical needs of the military and provide for deliveries which can take from 2 hours to 7 days in rugged terrain. BAM has also managed to work with the local government to allow for cargo to be transported after curfew within the city.

Steve Fitzgibbon, CEO BAM International, BAM Country Manager Richard Tolbert and Bleu Hilburn from Crowley at Freeport terminal Liberia

  • Contract awarded in mid-September, BAM was in-country and operating, “Boots on the ground” on September 25th
  • Leased and currently manages 4 warehouses with over 126,000 square feet of storage space in Monrovia.
  • Provided and continues to provide 24 x 7 warehouse management activity over 2 - twelve hours shifts per day. BAM provides the management and supervisory team, the fork truck drivers, the laborers, security staff and the critical documentation administration function.
  • Leased and manage a 23 acre container yard / warehouse facility / cross-docking bays / military sleeping quarters in Buchannan Liberia. It is now a major DoD logistics hub in the sub-region.
  • Provided line haul carrier service for over 4,100 40’ DLA truck requests throughout Liberia. Contract extended through March 31 and looks to go another 6 months beyond that.
  • Truck route distances ranged from a few local miles to a week long trek to the bush.
  • Successfully unloaded and delivered over 1,500 containers and bulk military cargo pieces from 3 container ships (MV Vega, MV Cape Wrath and MV Cape Rise) docked at the Buchanan port.
  • 99% on time delivery reached and maintained
  • Perfect safety record, -0- incidents of injury
  • Contracted and managed material handling assets achieving 100% compliance for all DOD truck requests, meeting surge capabilities of up to 80 trucks a day within a 24 hour notice.
  • Able to procure warehouse space in advance of requirements allowing for a better service
  • Negotiated permission with the Liberian government to operate vehicles after curfew
  • Acquired driver credentials to access RIA airport runway for 27 drivers.
  • Procured and provided a refrigeration unit to store medicine
  • Designed and implemented a shipping / receiving form that follows shipments throughout their journey with signed accountability at each time of shipment and delivery.
  • Sourced and provided fork lifts when and where required by the DLA
  • Provided daily / weekly reporting as well as customized reporting as mandated by the prime contractor
  • BAM team workers were singled out and awarded commendations from The DLA for their commitment and dedication to the mission.