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  • Turnkey Logistics in US and Developing Countries

    BAM provides logistics solution in the US and in developing countries including Truck Load, Less than Truck Load, and logistics support.

  • DOD Consulting

    BAM International Consulting Services provides consulting to companies seeking to position products and or services within the military, reach additional branches or strengthen relationships.

  • Defense Products

    BAM offers innovative solutions in the area of defense products including weapons demilitarization, waste recycling and firing range bullet catcher.

Turnkey Logistics

BAM offers turnkey logistics services including TL and LTL in the US, and complete logistic services from transportation to warehouse services

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DOD Consulting

BAM’s knowledge and expertise in federal regulations and the Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) process allow them to provide companies with effective strategies to integrate their products into existing programs, R&D projects, or new-start programs.

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Defense Products

BAM offers a variety of defense products ranging from personnel protection to firing range shooting panels to demilitarization systems

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